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2018 CES Asia | The "Inner Beauty" of soling Products

Published in 2018-06-13

On June 13-15, 2018, the 2018 CES Asia was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. More than 500 companies from more than 80 countries participated in the exhibition, and the scale exceeded the previous one.

It is reported that this year's CES Asia exhibitors, including 56 automotive technology companies, the exhibition area increased by nearly 50% over the previous session.Obviously, the automotive industry has received more and more attention, and more and more companies are beginning to lay out the automotive industry chain.

As the pioneer of the Internet of Vehicles industry, Soling has seized the opportunity since the beginning of the industry and transformed into a vehicle networking hardware and software service provider. Recently, it has passed Apple Carplay certification and Android Auto certification.The 2018 New Product Release and Listing 3rd Anniversary Celebration was held. Now it is the time to be prepared and ready to do something in the field of car networking. The CES Asia is the Soling display their R & D results, to attract customers and partners, to seek a good opportunity for faster and better development.

/ CES Asia's automotive industry is unprecedented /

The theme of the exhibition is “Intelligent Creation, Enjoy Life”, with an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, bringing together popular technologies and products including artificial intelligence, AR/VR, automotive technology, smart home, etc., as well as 3D printing and health.Products, fitness and sports, home entertainment, audio technology, Internet of Things, life technology, drones, wearables, video games and other technical products.The various exhibits that participated in the show spanned the top 20 categories and were a feast for the consumer electronics industry.

As the highlight of this exhibition, automotive technology has naturally attracted the attention of people from all walks of life.Especially with the accelerated integration of new technologies and the automotive industry and the vigorous promotion of national policies, the pace of intelligentization of the automotive industry has gradually accelerated, and automotive technology has also become the main force of this exhibition.

As mentioned above, the exhibition area of automobile technology companies has increased by nearly 50% compared with the previous session, and the number of automobile technology exhibitors has reached 56. In addition to the old car companies such as Hyundai Motor, BYD and Honda, many new players have joined the exhibition.Such as Baiteng, leading cars, singular cars and so on.According to media forecasts, 2018 CES Asia will produce the largest automotive technology exhibition area ever.

/ "Inner Beauty" of Soling Products /

We often say that the inner beauty is more important than the external beauty, but the external determines whether others are willing to understand your inner, and the same is true for the enterprise.At the exhibition, Soling, who has always paid attention to the value of the show, attracted many exhibitors to stop by, and made a photo of Zhang Meimei to send a circle of friends or exchange groups. The "inner beauty" of Soling products was even more triggered, Many participants expressed their thoughts on the status quo and future development of the Internet of Vehicles.

It is the most important experience for exhibitors to experience the “inner beauty” of Soling products. Soling's product line is rich, covering driving safety, entertainment, car networking solutions and many other aspects, so Soling is ingenious, set up the Soling car networking experience zone, placing multiple devices in the experience zone To allow exhibitors to experience a realistic future driving scene.

The experience zone is equipped with the latest car network products developed by Soling. It not only has intelligent voice interactive system, high-definition Internet car and real-time online people, car and cloud interactive system, but also includes wireless tire pressure monitoring, HD reversing camera and DVR.Security equipment within."Safe first, entertainment accompanied", Soling car networking products provide a strong security function, while the entertainment function is not behind, smooth operation interface, user-friendly UI design, a variety of audio and video decoding playback...... Experiencers can monitor the real-time status of the vehicle in the experience zone, and feel the convenience brought by the Internet of Vehicles technology to our travel life.

Under the introduction of the staff of Soling, the participants listened with great interest, and more were to discuss with the staff of Soling, express their thoughts on the status quo of the Internet of Vehicles, and put forward their own expectations for the future development of the Internet of Vehicles products.Perhaps every exhibitor has an ideal product of his own. Perhaps everyone's ideals are different, but one thing is undoubted, that is, the future car networking products must be safer and smarter,The direction of evolution.

/ Good products are better matched with good service /

Soling products have both external beauty and inner beauty, but the wine is also afraid of the deep alley. At this time, the outstanding service of Soling staff led the exhibitors to savor the "fine wine" of Soling.

The staff of Soling not only asked the exhibitors to answer questions, but also personally demonstrated the product use and functions for the exhibitors, and combined with their rich industry knowledge to stimulate the participants' thinking.For Soling, the so-called profession is not "you just need it, I just know it." Soling has been preparing for all customers and partners. There are so many "just" in the world, Soling firmly believes that the opportunity is alwaysIt will be reserved for those who are prepared.

Soling staff explained the demonstration model car

Soling staff introduced the company album to the exhibitors

Treat each exhibitor with a smile

Under the background of continuous integration of various new technologies and the automotive industry, Soling has always insisted on independent innovation, striving to develop cutting-edge technology products, and using the best products to bring digital, networked and intelligent travel solutions to customers around the world..At the same time, Soling will also join hands with more partners to integrate their respective resource advantages, promote the industry quickly and achieve win-win cooperation.

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