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With the end of CES ASIA in 2018, soling continues on the road to the future

Published in 2018-06-15

On June 15, 2018, the 2018 CES ASIA, which lasted for three days, ended in our minds. This is a three-day breakthrough in technological innovation breakthrough technology! From exciting keynote speeches and conferences to exciting high-tech exhibits, the 2018 CES ASIA brings us too many surprises. Through this exhibition, Suo Ling saw the technical breakthroughs of the entire industry, and also made clear the road ahead of the Internet of Vehicles.

/ 2018 CES ASIA scales record high /

Although CES has been in CES in Las Vegas for 50 years, CES ASIA is only the fourth year. From the first CES ASIA in 2015, there were only more than 200 exhibitors, few famous brands.By this year, more than 500 exhibitors have been attracted to participate, and the total number of participants has reached more than 40,000.

2018 CES ASIA has made new developments and changes in the scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors, the types of products exhibited and the form of exhibitions.In addition to the breakthrough technological progress of more than 200 companies displaying 20 categories of products, there are many new products released at this exhibition.According to the organizer of the American Consumers Association President and CEO Gary Shapiro, the overall size of the show this year has increased by 25% compared to 2017, the total exhibition area has reached 25,000.

/ Most like a car show CES ASIA /

The exhibition was divided into five exhibition halls, and the auto manufacturers occupied two. Some people could not help but sigh. "This is probably the most CES exhibition like the auto show."

Since it is the most CES ASIA like a car show, car technology is undoubtedly the highlight of everyone's attention.Cadillac released Super CruiseTM super intelligent driving system, Baidu Apollo announced that it will mass-produce L4 class models, Hyundai Motors will bring NEXO hydrogen fuel auto-driving cars...

Guangzhou Automobile Group iSPACE concept car

Baidu Apolong unmanned vehicle

In addition to the specialized automotive science and technology museum, the organizers also set up an outdoor display area for automotive technology, which shows that the organizers attach great importance to automotive technology.

/ CES ASIA ends, Suo Ling continues to move forward /

As a national high-tech enterprise, Suo Ling has been focusing on the development of hardware and software in the field of car networking for many years. Under the trend of widespread concern of the society, Suo Ling is even better at the 2018 CES ASIA.It is gratifying that the booth of Suo Ling also welcomed the director of the Electronic Information Office of the Shanghai Economic and Information Committee, Xiao Jian, to guide the work!

This is the leader's affirmation of Suo Ling's research and development achievements and technical strength. Director Xiao Jian's visit and guidance has made Suo Ling more determined and steady, and has become a leader in the industry.

Director Xiao Jian, Electronic Information Office, Shanghai Economic and Information Committee (first from left)

This time, Suo Ling brought many products to participate in the exhibition, showing the company's breakthrough progress in the field of car networking, to bring the most advanced car networking technology experience to exhibitors at home and abroad.

Car intelligent host, based on Quanzhi T3+Android 6.0 system design, compatible with ADAS, fatigue driving, TBOX and other hardware, widely used in commercial vehicle and logistics vehicle fleet management

Vehicle TBOX for time-share rental, shared car and other services, and OBD for small and medium-sized fleet monitoring and management

12.3-inch integrated central control, user-friendly UI design, gorgeous large screen, attracting many exhibitors to experience

Exhibitors experience cool 4G smart rearview mirrors

Model cars equipped with a fatigue driving system naturally have to experience

Exhibitors understand the company's products under the introduction of the staff

The car networking experience zone is like its deep appearance, just like the black hole attracts the attention of the exhibitors. The built-in time-sharing rental platform is the highlight of the experience zone.

CES ASIA, the vane of the Asian technology industry, is not just for display, but also for Soul.Suo Ling hopes to present its products to exhibitors through its own technical strength. At the same time, it hopes that exhibitors can speak their minds and present their own unique views on the future of the company's products and even the automotive industry, so that the participants not only visually but alsoI have gained some thoughts.

CES ASIA has a new technology, and the atmosphere of the automotive industry is changing.At the exhibition, Suo Ling saw the latest progress made by the industry. While continuously making major breakthroughs, Suo Ling will also examine itself, learn from the industry's excellent experience, and firmly follow the path, and continue to move forward on the road of car networking and smart driving.To provide digital, networked and intelligent driving solutions for customers around the world, and to cooperate with partners to achieve win-win cooperation and promote the rapid development of the industry.

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